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Ahtna Engineering Services, LLC (Ahtna) provided services for urgent structural repairs, asbestos abatement, interior and exterior renovations, roofing, and growth media installation. Tasks included providing value engineering design, procurement, logistics, and labor.

Ahtna worked closely with USFWS Engineers to value engineer a new roof system to meet the critical needs of the Refuge environment while meeting all federal requirements. Structural upgrades were necessary to repair the damaged structure from a major weather event and strengthen the structure to prevent future seismic damage.

A new maintenance free, energy efficient roofing system was installed after major structural and seismic upgrades. The new roof system is expected to be in service for 50+ years.

A complete interior renovation was performed on the structure while the office building was occupied. The renovations included all trades and finishes associated with a complete office renovation. Ahtna designed and installed the first extensive growth media roof assembly on Kodiak island. This installation added insulation to the roof assembly and prolongs the roof life. The assembly will also minimize run off and negate heat island effects of roofing.

Ahtna worked closely with USFWS personnel to minimize disruption of critical services while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. There were zero reportable incidents or injuries in approximately 3200 man hours worked on this project.

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