This project consisted of a limited scope to measure and recover product previously identified in MW-04-01 in January and October 2017 and to ascertain product recovery in the well. Ahtna sent a seasoned field crew to use a downhole camera in January 2017 to document the product present within the well and its recovery; however, no product was found to reside within the well.  Due to the lack of product in MW-04-01 in January 2017, additional scope was added by USACE to the contract to sample groundwater in all monitoring wells on site in October 2017. No free product was again found to exist in MW-04-01 in October of 2017 and all wells on site were successfully sampled. A final report was prepared which presented all groundwater analytical results for the wells sampled which confirmed all contaminant concentrations present in groundwater were below ADEC cleanup levels, although a sheen was observed in the sample from MW-04-01.