The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Diving Center (NDC) is the hub for training NOAA divers and is the administrative headquarters for the NOAA Diving Program. The NDC provides year-round training to NOAA and other government employees (federal, state, and local) whose job requires them to dive.

Major interior and limited exterior improvements were performed at the NOAA Diving Center throughout two phases of work.  Ahtna led a local design team (architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, fire protection) to provide a 100% design for this project.

During the first phase, a new floor made of concrete slabs with structural steel support, concrete footings, and metal decking was built on the second floor. In addition, the existing staircase was removed, relocated, and replaced with two new steel staircases. Another staircase was built near an exit to the facility. Lastly, several walls were demoed in preparation for the next phase and as a start to an open-concept floorplan.

The next phase of work consisted of the construction of two new offices. A new window was installed in one office and a double entry door was replaced with a single door. Additionally, architectural improvements such as soffits and new walls were installed. The main entrance, which consisted of a single door and a rollup door, was replaced with an ADA-compliant double door entry. A push button was installed and small asphalt improvements were made to compliment the new entrance. Lastly, a new mini-zone HVAC system was installed to provide more efficient cooling and heating with better comfort.


Seattle, WA