FAA IDIQ Construction and Engineering Services in WSA

Federal Aviation Administration
IDIQ Construction and Engineering Services
Western Service Area

The FAA awarded Ahtna this contract in June 2010 for engineering and construction services related to construction and sustainment of navigational, communication, surveillance, and lighting systems; and power lines, power plants, and telecommunication transmitting and receiving towers. Work includes but is not limited to design and new construction, infrastructure sustainment, decommissioning (demolition and site restoration), environmental remediation, and other engineering services at sites located at various former and active installations within the FAA’s Western Service Area (WSA).

The geographical work area of the WSA consists of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming; plus Hawaii's leeward Islands of Midway, Kure and French Frigate Shoals; and the South Pacific territories of Guam, Johnstone Atoll, Saipan, Samoa and Micronesia. Multiple construction, decommissioning, and environmental restoration delivery orders may be placed simultaneously in any of these locations.

To support this contract, Ahtna maintains a management staff and system that ensures flexibility, communication, and a diversity of personnel necessary to successfully plan, design and execute complex, multi-faceted, simultaneous tasks.