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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Glennallen Field Office (GFO) is located in Glennallen, Alaska. The objective of this project was to provide secure public space by constructing a separation wall between the public waiting area and employee areas, which included new walls, doors, hardware, and window system. Electrical infrastructure and conduits were installed at all new doors to support an electronic access system and duress notification system. The Ahtna team also provided ADA upgrades, including adding ADA-accessible door operators at existing main entry doors (interior and exterior) and replacing the existing accessible ramp with a new ADA-compliant accessible ramp.

The primary challenge of this renovation project was that the building needed to remain operational during construction. In order to address this, Ahtna scheduled disruptive work activities after normal business hours. Ahtna maintained open communication with the client and the users to coordinate and plan for key construction activities. Another challenge for this project was the underground utilities. The owner did not have good records of the exiting underground utilities and had no way of locating them. The unknown location of the utilities required extra care and much hand digging to ensure no utilities were damaged.

During the submittal process Ahtna discovered the specified bar grating did not meet the ADA requirements. Ahtna immediately notified the BLM and provided the the agency with an alternant bar grate that would meet the ADA requirements.

The only challenges the field crew encountered on this project were that one of the steel brackets was fabricated incorrectly and that a phone line was in conflict with one of the footing locations.  Immediately upon discovering the discrepancy in the bracket, the steel fabricator was notified and corrections were made. For the utility conflict the BLM did some research and determined the phone line was abandoned, and thus cut the line out of the way. In both cases, the problems were quickly resolved with no impact to the schedule.

Ahtna was able to save the government roughly 7% of the total contract value by utilizing labor reducing products, e.g., prefabricated footing and column forms, in lieu of a conventional wood forming method.


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