Ahtna was awarded this cost plus fixed-fee contract to provide comprehensive training, data entry, data management, and quality control review of U.S. Army environmental data entered into the new Army Headquarters Environmental System database. The Army chose an enterprise resource planning (ERP) commercial off the shelf (COTS) software package from Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing (SAP) as the enterprise solution for Army environmental data management collection and reporting. This COTS software package has been customized to fit Army environmental business processes and is referred to as the HQAES. The HQAES enterprise system incorporates data currently collected in separate modules located on the Army Environmental Reporting On-Line (AERO) System.

As the prime contractor, Ahtna and teaming partner Arcadis Inc. provided support to Army Installation Environmental staff in the required annual data update and reporting of environmental liabilities utilizing HQAES as the Army’s database of record.

Ahtna developed and provided weekly project schedules tracking progress on data updates for 400 Army installations, including training schedules and cost reporting.  This information was then shared with Army Headquarters staff and distributed to Army environmental installation offices.  Deliverables have included comprehensive HQAES Training Manuals, Training Slides, and Recorded Video Training tutorials and user-friendly HQAES reference materials.

Ahtna provided a team of HQAES experts to train Army Environmental staff on the new database.  This involved onsite training at 95 Army installations nationwide including IMCOM, AMC, ARNG BRAC and Reserves.  In addition, Ahtna has trained Army Headquarters staff, Army Environmental Command staff, and BRAC Division Headquarters staff.   Training materials including a HQAES training Manual and Recorded Video Training tutorials were provided. In addition an online HQAES Help Desk is maintained five days a week for installation questions/support.

Ahtna updated environmental data for 407 installations equating to 12,000 Army environmental cleanup sites.   Data was collected from the installations and reviewed for accuracy and compliance with Army Environmental Program requirements and uploaded into HQAES.  Data entry in FY 18 also addressed the Army Environmental Quality data such as hazardous waste surveys, enforcement actions, and NEPA documentation.

A quality control review of data entered into HQAES was conducted on 100% of the data to ensure accuracy in the database of record and to support accurate information feeding into the Report to Congress.  A FY 17 Quality Control Review Results Summary was prepared by Ahtna that summarizes the results of the FY17 Quality Control review for the FY17 spring and fall Data Calls. All IMCOM, BRAC, AMC, ARNG, and USARC active sites were included in the review.

“As you know, your team has been very supportive and responsive through the data upload effort – so I would like to say thank you.”

 Army BRAC Division

“My opinion is that we hit the jackpot with Ahtna and Arcadis support.”

Joint Munitions Command

“We would like to thank Ahtna for your assistance and training on HQAES.  The sessions were very beneficial and I believe that we will be able to mesh into the system without much ado. You are welcome at Fort Knox any time you have an occasion to come back.”

Chief, Environmental Compliance Branch, Fort Knox, Kentucky


Fort Sam Houston, TX