Ahtna Engineering Services, LLC (Ahtna) was contracted by the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) to perform building demolition, debris removal, and remedial actions at the former Lake Louise Recreation Camp (LLRC). The LLRC was acquired by the Air Force in the mid-1950s and was operated as an Air Force Recreation Camp until the 1964 earthquake caused extensive damage discontinuing use. Site structures were demolished in 1971 leaving building foundations and scattered debris across the site. The USAF intends to excess the site after the cleanup is complete.

Ahtna performed building demolition including removal of all remaining foundations throughout the LLRC.  We also removed infrastructure and debris consisting of septic system tanks, piping systems, a generator pad, miscellaneous wood and building debris, multiple crushed 55-gal steel drums, and assorted debris. In 2012 we removed approximately 320 cubic yard of petroleum impacted soil during the remedial action in support of a Focused Feasibility Study, a Proposed Plan, and a Record of Decision.

Ahtna performed additional remedial actions during the 2013 field season including the removal, transport, and disposal of approximately 160 cy of contaminated soils, 20 drums, and assorted debris from beneath the water in Lake Louise. We used a curtain boom during the individual drum removals to minimize sediment dispersal. Ahtna completed all work in accordance with CERCLA, RCRA, ADEC, and AFCEC program requirements


U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer

Final Period of Performance

July 21, 2010 – March 31, 2014




Lake Louise, Alaska