About Us

Contamination from World War II leaves beautiful islands inaccessible to the public. The formerly used defense sites of World War II in Alaska left sites to the waste of ammunition and oil.

The concrete shelters have not been touched for years were restored. With walking wooded trails, people can traverse the wonderful terrain of the old Fort Rousseau site.

Ahtna Engineering provides a range of services nationwide in construction, environmental, and professional/janitorial service.

Ahtna Engineering is owned by the Ahtna Athasbascan shareholders through the parent company of Ahtna, Inc., an Alaskan Native Regional Corporation.

No wonder why 90 percent of our business is repeat clients.  We provide a well balanced work force who have a strong work ethic, outstanding service, and the responsiveness of a dynamic self-performing business.

Over the years, Ahtna Engineering has built a cost-effective and minimal performance risk for our clients.

Ahtna Engineering has the resources to manage multiple concurrent contracts (including surge requirements).

From battle scarred Fort Rousseau to the resource rich fields of Alpine fields of Alaska’s North Slope, Ahtna Engineering leaves sites and projects on time and budget.